ACL Rehab Phase 3 Supplement

There is a significant risk of re-injury after ACL reconstruction if proper neuromuscular control is not achieved BEFORE returning to sports or athletic activities. So not only do you need to have symmetric and strong knee quadriceps and hamstring strength, but you have to have excellent control of your posture (trunk), hip, and knee while performing athletic activities, especially when landing on one leg. This will take time and effort and it is critical that these goals not be overlooked.

Considering the challenges associated with completion of a comprehensive physical therapy regimen and limitations on insurance-authorized visits, below are some additional video resources to be used in order to assist with achieving functional rehabilitation goals. These videos were not created by Dr. Husain, so some of the information given, especially regarding timing, may not reflect what is appropriate for your specific situation. Make sure to discuss these exercises with your physical therapist or Dr. Husain in order to determine when and how to add these to your individualized rehabilitation program. These exercises are safer when done with a physical therapist or trainer supervising. Consider using a functional ACL brace for additional safety when doing the exercises.

Phase 2 Exercises

Make sure you are good at these prior to progressing to phase 3

Gluteus/knee Strengthening

Gluteus/Knee Strengthening part 2

Improving Hip External Rotation

Phase 3 Exercises

Physio Pro Rehab Fundamentals (a good educational overview)

Physio Pro Functional Testing

Early Phase 3

Physio Pro Phase A

Side step and jump

Skier Squat

Physio Pro Phase B

Mid Phase 3

Physio Pro Phase C criteria

Physio Pro Phase C

Physio Pro Phase D criteria

Physio Pro Phase D

Late Phase 3

Physio Pro Phase E criteria

Physio Pro Phase E (jump program overview)

Physio Pro Phase E (Jump program 1st phase)

Physio Pro Phase E (Jump program 2nd phase)

Physio Pro Phase E (Jump program 3rd phase)

Physio Pro Phase E (Functional Strengthening)

Box Jumps

Physio Pro Phase E (Return to competition criteria)

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