Patient Testimonials


One amazing and experienced doctor. He knew exactly what needed to be done to my knee and did it. I felt total confidence being under his watch.

– Hassan A.

I was suffering from severe shoulder pain following a work related accident as a fire fighter. After months of hoping it would get better I got an MRI which revealed that I had torn my bicep tendon and also had a 3cm x 3cm bone chip adjacent to my nerve bed causing most of my pain. I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing surgeons and their resume's as well as patient testimonials. I selected Dr. Husain based on testimonials as well as his affiliation with professional sports as their orthopedic specialist. Dr. Husain stated that surgery would be required to re attach the tendon and remove the bone chip. Dr. Husain made himself available for me 3 days after Christmas for the surgery. I cant express how happy I am with the outcome. I am pain free and back to work as a full time fire fighter in a little under 5 months. Dr. Husain had me in passive movement right out of surgery which greatly reduced the pain and misery I experienced in a previous shoulder surgery. I had a great experience with Dr. Husain and have recommended him to my family and co-workers. Thanks for getting me back to work so quick Doc.

– Dave M.

In 2010 I was referred to Dr. Husain with left shoulder pain and at that time he said that I was not really ready for surgery. In 2015 I went back to Dr. Husain because the pain had gotten to the point where I was using many over the counter pain killers to get through the day and almost though the night.

After he saw the MRI he said that I now needed a total shoulder replacement. Which he did in December 2015.

From the time that I woke up from surgery I have had no pain in my shoulder.

The physical therapy after surgery was intense and helped on getting back the use my shoulder and arm. I almost forgot I am left handed and not being able to use my arm was a real pain in my life. but no longer Thanks Doc.

– Raymond W.

I am a chiropractor and April of this year found me needing the care of a surgeon; Dr. Asghar Husain.

After 47 years of, recreationally, riding motorcycles, I sustained an injury that found me with a fractured left collarbone.

Immediately, after visiting my family doctor, he referred me to Asghar Husain, MD who I knew from reputation, was an upbeat, very gifted and friendly concerned orthopedic specialist.

After meeting with his extremely capable staff, and undergoing the requisite x-ray studies and after Dr. Husain examined and assessed my condition, we agreed that my solution was to be a surgery.

He was a “straight shooter”, whom I appreciated, and since I am still continuing in my practice, which is physical, I agreed and we set a date. Not months in the future; days!!

He and his staff made me feel very comfortable and they seamlessly expedited all the insurance and hospital factors without a hitch.

After the surgical procedure, there was minimal discomfort, due to his skills as a surgeon.

Also, I had total access to Dr. Husain, via his e-mail, and he was very rapid with his return communications. I would text him, how I was improving, and within hours I would hear back from him!!

Now, for 25 years of my practice and working with other orthopedic surgeons, where I referred patients to them, we had minimal communication and months would drift by without so much as a medical assessment; OH not so with Dr. Husain!!

Well, now that you are reading this, be assured, if you and your family have any orthopedic needs, you do not have to spend any time or consternation finding the most outstanding candidate to take care of your requirements. He and his staff are committed in charting the course to getting you well!!

Thank you, I remain the very grateful and humble patient of Asghar Husain, MD.

– Alan Grubstein, DC –
Alplan Chiropractic Group

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